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Tomato Me Crazy!

Warm Greetings,

We have been busy lil' bumble bees buzzing around the farm the past couple weeks making sure everything is growing happily. Summer is an intensely lovely time on our farm. Once the veggies really get growin' we kick things into high gear to keep up on harvest, weeding, seeding, transplanting, cleaning, organizing, fixing... just to name a few of our fun farm jobs. We call it organized chaos and we love every bit of it!

I think this quote from one of my favorite farming books "The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love" by Kristen Kimball accurately depicts the relationship between a farm and a farmer...

“‎A farm is a manipulative creature. There is no such thing as finished. Work comes in a stream and has no end. There are only the things that must be done now and things that can be done later. The threat the farm has got on you, the one that keeps you running from can until can't, is this: do it now, or some living thing will wilt or suffer or die. Its blackmail, really.”


It's Tomato Time!

We are hauling flat after flat of tomatoes out of the field and we want to share this delicious bounty with you!

We hope y'all are having such a great summer, we look forward to seeing you at the stand.

Wishing you all the best,

Michael and Shanon

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