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America The Beautiful

Happy Fourth of July to all of our friends and farm-ily out there! We hope y’all have a wonderful holiday and find some time to enjoy all the beauty that our beloved country has to offer. We will be at the Tuesday Roseville market on the morning of the fourth (Tuesday) if you would like to stock up on any last minute treats, or we will see you at the farm stand on Wednesday evening. :)

“When the sun come shining, then I was strolling

In wheat fields waving and dust clouds rolling

The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting

This land was made for you and me

This land is your land, this land is my land

From California to the New York Island

From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters

This land was made for you and me”

-Woody Guthrie, This Land is Your Land

***You can officially count on us for your weekly summer tomato haul! They are coming in like crazy right now! YAYYYYY for the much anticipated tomato season!***

Wishing you all the best,

Michael and Shanon


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