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Hello farm-ily!

First off, Michael and I just wanted to sincerely thank you all for such a stellar start to our farm stand season. Y’all are rockstars and we we could not do this without you! You are the backbone of this farm and our inspiration to work through those tough days. We are so impressed that even with last week's triple digits scorcher heat we still had a great/busy farm stand. One of our regulars said it best when I thanked her for braving the heat to come out- she simply replied, “well we all have to eat still, don’t we.” It gave me the biggest smile to hear this. Yes we all must eat, but just knowing that we have such a great crew that truly appreciated the bounty of our hard work makes me feel like such a proud farmer. It is our pleasure and honor to feed you all, it really is.

Wishing you all the best,

Michael and Shanon


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