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Farm Symphony

Hello friends,

Seed, plant, weed, harvest, go to market... repeat. It feels so great to have settled into a stable routine here on the farm. It's almost as if we are conducting a "farm symphony" and all the instruments are finally woven together in harmony. Now it's just time to go along with the music and GET STUFF DONE! This week we (almost) finished the first round of fall seeding, covered our peppers with shade cloth so they don't burn their lil' butts, harvested more veggies than we ever have before, weeded neglected areas, transplanted more lettuce/kale/arugula, and even found time to try out some new recipes. Whew, what a week and we are ready for more!

It made us so happy to see everyone so excited about the first batch of our Hillview Farms honey! We will have more of the sweet nectar available at the farm stand this week.

We hope you all have a great start to the week and we hope to see you around.


Your Farmers

Shanon and Michael


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