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Change is beautiful (week 17)

Hello all,

Change is in the air here at Hillview Farms and despite this most recent spike in temperature little signs of fall are popping up all over the place. The mornings continue to get darker and we are relying more on our morning coffee to prepare us for the day ahead. The summer harvest list is dwindling down as we say goodbye to some of our favorites and say hello to the new season’s bounty. This week our greenhouse transitioned from housing bell peppers to welcoming in tons of butternut and pumpkin pie squash to cure. It’s incredible how fast seasons seem to change on a farm, but with constant change comes a chance for renewal and growth and for that we are forever grateful.

This week marks our second to last farm stand of the 2015 season! We would really love to see everyone before we wrap things up. Thanks for supporting your local neighborhood farm.

Wishing you the best always,

Your Farmers

Shanon and Michael

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