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Join our 2022

Hillview CSA

16 weeks of the very best of the season

from our farm to your table

What is a CSA you ask?

If you answered, “it is a box filled with veggies…” you would be almost right, but a CSA is SO much more than just a box filled with veggies… 


When you invest in a CSA you are paying for a relationship to your farm. You are investing in the future of your food, and helping your farmers absorb the initial expenses that go into food production. 

An investment into a CSA is an investment into the resilience of the small farm community as they fight to stay afloat amongst the greed driven, industrialized food system. It is voting with your dollars for a more localized food system, a more regenerative way to grow food, a fair wage for ag workers, healthy food grown without a dependency on pesticides, and last a vote for more tasty veggies on your dinner table. 


Together we are investing in a healthy future we believe in!


How our CSA works-

Join in on our farming adventure by signing up for our 2022 CSA!

  • 16 weeks of Hillview Veggie Boxes containing the very best seasonal produce of the season from the first week of June- mid September. (June 3- September 16th) 

  • All certified organic, and certified DELICIOUS! 

  • Boxes will contain around $30 worth of seasonal produce (if $30 of veggies a week is too much we highly encourage customers to split shares with friends/family). Boxes are standard no substitutions. See pictures below for CSA box examples.

  • Purchase your CSA subscription anytime now-end of June to join. Purchase either on our website (fees apply) or send a check for $448 to our farm at 6125 Mount Pleasant Road Lincoln CA 95648 (please write your pickup location on the check along with your e-mail address and phone number.)

  • Must be able to pickup your veggies on fridays from 2pm-6pm (we will not accommodate late/forgotten pickups)

  • Select your pickup location

    • Here on the farm (boxes will be located inside our cooler. Park outside our gate and walk around our barn to grab your box. Enjoy the farm while you are here by walking on our designated paths/sitting on our farm viewing bench.) ​

    • At the Auburn Bodega located in downtown Auburn​​ (937 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603)

Added CSA perks!-

  • Access to visit the farm during CSA pickups and see where your delicious food is grown.

  • Access to specialty crops that we grow exclusively for our CSA boxes.

  • Our weekly "what's growing on" print out listing the contents of that week's box along with fun facts about certain items and farmer tips on storage/fun recipes.

  • and have I mentioned... TASTY VEGGIES! :)

Join in on the fun and purchase your subscription today :)

Visit our farms FAQ page for any additional questions here.

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