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Happy Summer Solstice

Hello farm-ily!

We welcome the arrival of the summer solstice: a time of intensity, renewal, and great potential. What a way to make an entrance this year, with a full week of triple digit scorcher days. As nice as it is to feel the vibrant energy of summer all around us, these hot days are hard on everyone -plants and humans alike. Your farmers are being extra careful working in the heat and making sure all the veggies are happily growing. This week we covered all our greens and blackberries in shade cloth and we made sure all our crops are getting the water they need to get through the heat. We are hauling in a amazing bumper crop of squash and cucumbers and we enjoyed seeing the first flush of our shishito peppers join the summer party! We made the decision to not attend our Tuesday market in Roseville in order to save our energy for the rest of the week. We will have a delicious bounty at our Wednesday evening farmstand and we hope to see you there!

*The forecast for Wednesday evening is 100 plus degrees. We will be sure to have plenty of shade up and a pitcher of water so we can all keep hydrated together.

Wishing you all the best,

Michael and Shanon

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