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How we found our hill

Hello farm-ily!

What a sporadic weather week here in Placer County. From snow in the mountains to triple digit scorcher days ahead, mother nature sure knows how to keep us on our toes! With the solstice fast approaching, your farmers are running around making sure all our plants are ready for a summer full of yummy produce.

How we found our hill

Farming under the beautiful backdrop of the storm clouds this week reminded me of a little story about happy coincidences and how we got our name, Hillview Farms. During the very early planning stages of our farm our team was faced with an extremely daunting and nerve wracking task… What the heck should we call ourselves? How can we possibly choose just one name that embodies all that we stand for?... We wanted this name to capture the care and love that we would pour into our business, our commitment to grow the best produce possible, and last our appreciation for the beautiful community that we are lucky enough to farm in. Ultimately we chose Hillview Farms because it just so happens to be the name of the residential association that we farm in. The name Hillview Farms is an ode to where we spread our roots and to the community that lifts us up. We always thought it was quite comical that we called ourselves Hillview Farms, because in fact our farm was not on a hill nor did it have a view... we were actually in kind of a valley. Well paradox aside, the name stuck. We were Hillview. When the time came to search for additional land to expand onto we discovered a beautiful property that checked off all our farm needs that just so happened to be perched on the side of a beautiful “hill” appropriately named Mount Pleasant. It was by destiny that Hillview Farms found it’s perfect hill and view to live up to our name. :)

I hope you enjoyed this lil’ story. Come enjoy this beautiful Wednesday afternoon with us on our not so hilly, yet still equally beautiful property right in the heart of North Auburn. We hope to see you all soon.

Wishing you all the best,

Michael and Shanon

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