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The Grand Finale (week 19)

Hello farm-ily!

What a beautiful week to mark the end of an amazing 2016 farm stand season. The first rain of fall washed away all that remained of summer and cleared a blank canvas for fall’s magic to come to life.

A BIG thank you! Thank you all for being a part of our story, for supporting your local farm (and farmers), for buying direct, for believing in the small farm and for choosing to feed your household with the best possible farm fresh produce that you can both know and trust. Thanks for believing in your farmers every step of the way and for being a constant reminder of why we do what we do each morning when we rise. We look forward to serving this community for years to come. We think y’all are pretty awesome.

No worries, we will still be close by! You can always visit us year round down the street at the Old Town Auburn farmers market.

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a beautiful fall evening and we hope we get to spend it with you!

Wishing you all the best,

Michael and Shanon


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