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Diminishing Daylight (week 15)

Hello farm-ily!

We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful first week of September. We have started to use the cool crisp morning air as an alarm clock, because the sun has decided to sleep in past our wake-up time. The diminishing of daylight is a constant reminder that summer is almost over and it’s time to transition to a new season. It's funny how, as farmers, we go from hiding from the intense summer sun to chasing down every last drop of sun to get stuff done.

It sure has been an incredible summer season so far, and the fun isn’t over quite yet! We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with another amazing organic local farm, Boorinakis Harper Ranch to offer their AMAZING pears and INCREDIBLE local honey at our farm stand. Our friends over at Boorinakis Harper ranch are fourth generation farmers who put a lot of love and care into their land and it shows by how amazing their products are.

We hope you are having a beautiful week and we hope to see you tomorrow evening at the farm stand.

With kindest regards,

Michael and Shanon


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