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Bye August (week 14)

Hello farm-ily!

Hold on… so you’re telling me that it's September in two days!?! NO WAY! Where did the time go? I feel like just yesterday we were gearing up for summer harvest and now the Fall equinox is just about a month away. As we transition into the month of September we’re filled with a lot of anticipation and hope for what our late summer and early fall crops will produce. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve produced thus far, but we’re always striving to get better and more efficient each year.

One crop that we have been particularly proud of lately has been our black beauty and little finger eggplant. Each plant is loaded with beautiful, iridescent, dark purple fruit just waiting to be transformed into something delicious. Eggplant is great in so many dishes... eggplant parmesan, baba ganoush dip, ratatouille, grilled eggplant burgers, eggplant curry, eggplant pasta salad (just to name a few.) Let us know what your favorite way to prepare eggplant is!

We hope to see you tomorrow to celebrate the last day of August with good people and yummy produce!

With kindest regards,

Michael and Shanon


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