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Beating the heat (week 5)

Week 5: Hillview Farms Stand

Hello friends,

It’s safe to say that we have finally acclimated ourselves to the heat and we were able to have a productive week here on the farm. Around this time of year the items on our to-do lists start to pile up and the priority becomes keeping all of our veggie children happy no matter what. Surprisingly despite the heat, we checked three major things off our to-do list and even found time for a little farmer fun.

First task…. Covering the peppers

We love growing fully ripened red, orange and yellow bell peppers. Although it involves a bit of patience to watch the fruits magically transform from green into beautiful rich colors, the wait is so worth it. Fully ripened bell peppers are so full of sweet flavor and their crisp texture makes them a perfect summer snack.

Growing bell peppers is not an easy task. Just like humans they are very susceptible to sunburn when exposed to direct sunlight. To help our peppers beat the heat we go out of our way to build them their very own shade structure. This year we covered eight 100-foot rows of peppers with shade cloth to ensure they grow up nice and strong. Basically it is like our version of sunscreen for our peppers. *If all goes as planned our bell peppers should be ready by mid-August.*

Second task… Seeding for fall

Ah yes, the seeding continues! Just as we get settled into our summer routine we already start thinking about what is in store for us during the next season. This week we germinated another round of broccoli, arugula, lettuce and more!

Third task… weeding the tomatoes

We are not big fans of weeding, but we are well aware that sometimes it just has to get done. This week we spent some extra time cleaning up the tomato beds. Hey, who needs a gym membership when you can weed all day?

And last… farmer fun!

We are strong believers that hard work deserves to be paid off with a little fun once in a while. This week we took a half-day and went and jumped into the American River with friends! The water was so refreshing and it was the perfect way to rejuvenate our tired muscles. It was just another reminder of how lucky we are to live in beautiful Auburn.

We hope to see you at the farm stand. Stay cool out there!


Shanon and Michael

***Our farm stand is open every Wednesday evening over summer from 4:00pm-7:00pm***


Hillview Farms 6/29 Farm Stand Bounty:

Summer Squash


Lemon Cucumbers

Slicing Cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers

Triple Crown/Navaho Blackberries

Classic Red Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

Foothill Lettuce Mix

Mountain Fresh Arugula

Baby Kale

Romaine Lettuce



Walla Walla Onions

Sweet Cabernet Onions


Beets/Beet Greens


Hakurei Salad Turnips

Swiss Chard


Shade cloth up over the peppers

magic hour at the farm

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