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Summer Goals (week 4)

Hello friends and farm-ily!

HAPPY SUMMER! Farmer Michael and I found some time in-between harvests this week to sit down and make a list of our top ten summer goals. In no particular order here they are…

  1. Remain patient.

  2. With the purchase of our new property we are learning how important having patience is. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes with our farm. Instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture, we are trying to focus our energy on small attainable tasks each day and not biting off more than we can chew. We are also taking a lot of deep breaths and trying to not get angry when Mother Nature throws us a curveball and instead appreciating all she has given us.

  3. Become more efficient.

  4. Efficiency is key on a farm. The littlest thing such as keeping a tool in the right place can save hours. Our goal is to invest more time now to set systems up the right way to save us time in the future.

  5. Slow down to observe more.

  6. The most powerful teacher on a farm is the farm it’s self. We learn so much just by sitting back and taking it all in. Along with more observing, one of our goals is to take really detailed notes/pictures to help us “grow better” each passing year.

  7. Plant our fall crops on time.

  8. It is always hard to switch modes and plan for fall when the summer bounty is taking up all our time. This year we want to set time aside to plant an awesome fall crop. Yummmmm, Delicata and Butternut squash galore.

  9. Try and grow melons again.

  10. We tried to grow melons our first year, but we ended up just feeding the ground squirrels. Well instead of accepting defeat, we are going to try again! Bring it on melons, round 2!

  11. Don’t push the limits.

  12. It is going to be a very HOT summer and we will be very careful to not “burn ourselves out”. If is it too hot we will work early mornings and late afternoons, and take breaks during the hottest time of the day. It’s just not worth it to work in mind melting heat. We want to farm for the rest of our lives, so we have to make sure to take care of our bodies now.

  13. Healthy minds, bodies and spirits.

  14. We promise to eat healthy food from the earth, drink lots of water, stretch out sore muscles, and take time to recharge the brain batteries.

  15. More canning/preserving.

  16. We get so busy during our peak season that we never save enough time to preserve our summer favorites! There is nothing better than pulling out a bag of frozen heirlooms tomatoes in December to feel a little bit of summer’s magic all over again.

  17. Appreciate/love each other.

  18. *Sorry, cheesy moment* So, in addition to all that is going on this year adjusting to the new property, these two farmers are also getting hitched in October! YAY!!! During this very exciting/BUSY time we promise to always remember how much we mean to each other.

  19. BE HAPPY!!!!!!

  20. Wake up everyday with renewed energy and excitement to do what we love!

Welp, that wraps up our summer goal list. Now it’s time to BRING ON THE SUMMER MAGIC! We are ready!

Hope to see you tomorrow for a beautiful farm stand!


Shanon and Michael

***Our farm stand is open every Wednesday evening over summer from 4:00pm-7:00pm***


Hillview Farms 6/22 Farm Stand Bounty:

Summer Squash


Triple Crown/Navaho Blackberries

Early Tomatoes! (limited supply)

Foothill Lettuce Mix

Mountain Fresh Arugula

Baby Kale

Butter Lettuce


Walla Walla Onions

Sweet Cabernet Onions



Beets/Beet Greens


Hakurei Salad Turnips


Swiss Chard


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