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Kids Rule! (week 12)

Hello friends,

We can't believe school bells are already ringing once again and we are gearing up for the last final push of summer. Just a couple more weeks left under the hot August sun before fall slowly begins to step in to cool things off a bit. We can do it!

This week we would like to thank all the parents (grandparents, friends, etc.) that educate kids about eating local. Teaching our youngest generation that food comes from the dirt and not the shelves at the super market is, in our opinion, one of the most valuable life lessons. What better way to teach this lesson than to shop for produce at the very place it was pulled from the earth. It makes all the hard work we do so worth it to see kids smiling faces as they arrive at the farm stand eager too pick out their favorite squash, or to fill up a basket to the very tip top of cherry tomatoes. To thank those that have made food education a priority we will have free you-pick cherry tomato picking at the farm stand tomorrow for kids. (1 free basket per kid). :)

It sure is going to be another beautiful day at the farm stand tomorrow! We hope to see you there.

Wishing you the best always,

Your Farmers

Shanon and Michael


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