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Summer Dance (week 11)

Our dance with summer continues and boy has it been all over the place. Triple digits one week followed by cool breezy weather the next, mother nature just can't make up her mind. We were able to find our own balance here on the farm despite the crazy weather- both our cooler weather crops (lettuce, arugula, baby kale) and our sun babies (tomatoes, squash, peppers) are growing happily! Hopefully we can maintain this "zen mode" throughout the rest of summer and into fall.

We took advantage of the slightly cooler weather this week to prep beds, clear out weeds, seed more fall crops, and mostly to pick A TON of tomatoes! We humbly admit that we went WAY overboard with the tomato planting this year. The good thing about this is that we are bringing only the highest quality most delicious tomatoes to market for our customers to enjoy. Right now is a great time to order tomatoes in bulk. A ten pound box of beautiful slicer tomatoes is only $15.00 right now! What a deal! (Please order tomato boxes before 12:00 pm day of farm stand to ensure time to pick the freshest tomatoes.)

Another staple of summer will be available at the farm stand tomorrow... ready for it...(drum role please)...we will have delicious SWEET CORN from our friends over at Foothill Roots in Medow Vista. We have heard a ton of requests for sweet corn this season and we were sad that we had to pull this crop from our list, so we are happy that we are able to source it locally from one of our favorite farms. Yumm we can smell the corn roasting on a BBQ on a summer day now!

I would like to close this weeks newsletter with a note of encouragement and a big thank you: as you may know the House voted to ban states from labeling GMO foods at the end of July. It is hard to understand why our food system has become such a huge political issue and why we no longer have the right to know what our food is made up of. With all of this going on the best way to make a statement is to do exactly what all of you have been doing since we started. By supporting a local food system you are voting with your dollars against the "big guys" that support GMOs and for that we thank you! Together we can fight for an honest local food system!

“Shake the hand that feeds you.” ― Michael Pollan ‪

We hope to see you soon,

Your Farmers

Shanon and Michael

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