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Feeling Fine (week 9)

Week nine and we are feeling fine! What a week here on the farm. We are trying to finish up some big to-dos before the unbearable heat comes back with vengeance, but along with the increase in temperature comes more buggies (the mean kind that like to eat our veggies before anyone else) and weeds that grow overnight. We are staying optimistic and doing the best we can to maintain a healthy environment for the farm. We did loose some crops to pests/sunburn, but most of the veggies are fighting through the hot summer heat and are ready to be enjoyed.

We have two exciting updates in regards to tomatoes... First, tomorrow will kick off our you-pick cherry tomato season! We will have chadwick, sungold and indigo apple cherry tomatoes fresh for the pickin'. Just grab a pint and pick your own "farmers candy" right off the vine to enjoy, we wont even get mad if you sample some while you pick. Second, we will have flats (about 10lbs) of red tomatoes available upon reservation. Buying tomatoes in bulk is perfect for sauces, large recipes or just to have a bunch of yummy home grown tomatoes! *more info on bulk tomato ordering below*

Throughout this whole crazy farming adventure the one thing that stays constant is our honest appreciation of all of the support we receive from our community. Thank you for everything, we hope to see you soon.

Your Farmers

Shanon and Michael


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