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Sweet Honey (week 16)

Hello friends and farm-ily,

What an incredible farm stand season we have had thus far. Every Tuesday evening since the beginning of June we have had the pleasure of welcoming our beloved community members to our farm to share in the bounty of our hard work. It has been so much fun, but all good things must come to an end. This year, due to an earlier halt in summer production, we will be closing the farm stand at the end of September. This means that Tuesday September 29th will be our last farm stand day. Don't you worry we still have a tons of delicious produce in store for the last couple weeks of the farm stand.

Honey, I'm Back! Local honey is back at the farm stand from our friends down the street at Boorinakis Harper Ranch. Their very own Placer County wildflower honey is raw, unfiltered, and as local as can be. Their hives are right in the heart of Auburn on their orchard off Dairy road. We can tell that the bees like it there because they have been hard at work making delicious honey for us all to enjoy!

Smokey September. All of us at Hillview Farms would like to send out some positive thoughts to all that have been affected by the fires burning throughout California. As beautiful as Mother Nature's power can be she also likes to remind us of how delicate and vulnerable we are. Our rain dance continues.

Let's make these last couple weeks at the farm stand count! We hope to see you Tuesday night at our usual meet up spot. :)

Wishing you the best always,

Your Farmers

Shanon and Michael


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