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Hillview Farms' Organic Farm Stand: Week 7

Hello veggie lovers!!!

Such a beautiful week here on the farm. We said goodbye to the treacherous triple degree scorcher days and welcomed cooler weather and even a little bit of rain with open arms. A combination of nicer weather and our new farm stand schedule (only being open on Tuesdays) gave us time to cross off some chores from our ever-evolving to-do list. We are going into this week feeling refreshed and excited that yet another summer season is almost in full effect.

This week the "pepper party" started as we harvested the first of the red bell and shishito peppers. Of course we sampled both immediately and were very happy with the results. The red bells were succulent and full of sweet flavor and the shishito peppers made the perfect mid-day snack after we pan-fried them in hot olive oil and finished them off with sea salt and a squeeze of lemon. Yum!

We had awesome day today extracting the first ever honey from the hives on our property and we will have mason jars full of the golden nectar at the farm stand tomorrow. Looks like we have some hard working bees because our beekeeper/friend Travis said that this is the best honey he has ever tasted! How cool is that!?

We hope everyone has had a BEEautiful week as well. Hopefully we will see you soon.


Your Farmers

Shanon and Michael


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