Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our farm

General Questions-


  • Where can I find your produce?


Here is a list of our current accounts/sales outlets. Things do change week to week so follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter for more detailed updates. 


  • Is your farm open to the public/can I come visit?


Because we are a working farm with a small crew we are not open to the public. We are busy growing delicious food for our community. 

(We do have on farm pickup of our weekly farm boxes on Thursdays from 2pm-6pm, but you must place an order to visit the farm during this time.)


  • Do you host tours?


Sign up for our newsletter for any updates about opportunities to come out to the farm. We do not do a huge amount of tours, but we have hosted the occasional plant sale/on farm class.  


  • Do you offer u-pick?


We do not have any options for u-pick on our farm.


  • Are you hiring?


We do most of our hiring at the beginning of the farm season December-April. All details are posted on the employment tab on our website. Sometimes we do have a need for mid-season help, we will announce this over social media. 


  • Do you take volunteers?


We are not currently able to welcome volunteers due to liability concerns. We would encourage you to contact non-profit farming organizations like Soil Born Farms or Sierra Harvest if you are interested in volunteering on a farm.


Weekly Farm Box/Online Farm Stand Questions- 

  • What is your Online Farm Stand?

It is a way for our awesome customers to buy directly from our farm for convenient pick up. Weekly Farm Boxes go from May-October and can be picked up on farm or at The Bodega. These boxes contain over $25 dollars worth of the very best of the season. It is basically a CSA (community supported agriculture) veggie box that you do not have to commit to for the entire season. We also offer “additional bulk items” for on farm pickup only, this is a great way for our customers to enjoy larger qualities of seasonal items at a special price. Examples of “bulk items” include- 10# flats of tomatoes, 1.5# bulk lettuce bags, bulk basil for pesto, bag of summer squash for zoodleing... Etc. 


  • Can I choose what goes into my box?


No boxes are standard and we do not do any substitutions. We include $25 dollars worth of the very best of what is in season that week.


  • What happens if I forget to pick up my box/items?


We will donate your produce to someone in need in our community.


  • When can I place my weekly farm box order?


Order Monday-Wednesday evening to pick up the following Thurs (on farm) or Friday (Bodega). 

(online store is closed Thursday-Sunday for restocking)

  • How do I pay for my online farm stand items?

All items must be paid for ahead of time in our online store using our secure check out. We can not accomodate any "late" in person payments. ***Make sure you got an e-mail confirmation that you completed your order. 


  • How do I pick up my box?


Pick up your box at the place/time that correlates with where you placed your order.


*Thursday on farm pickup 2pm-6pm (6125 Mount Pleasant Road Lincoln CA 95648) park anywhere right outside our big metal gate, pickup is right inside the farm under the overhang of our big metal barn. Pickups are self-serve style. Look for the clipboard to sign off on picking up your order. 


*Friday The Auburn Bodega 2pm-6pm (937 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603) Bodega has a convenient parking lot in the back of their store. Boxes will be inside their walk in cooler. Notify one of the Bodega employees (most likely Travis or Molly) that you are there for your Hillview box and they will grab it for you. Be sure to check out all the other awesome local treats at the Bodega. We love this store! 


  • Do I have to order a weekly farm box to order additional bulk items?


No, you can order bulk items for on farm pickup without the purchase of a weekly farm box.  


  • Will you have an option for farmers market preorder?


Because our crew is growing and we have so many moving parts we will not be doing any farmers market pre orders this season. Everything at farmers markets will be on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you! Feel free to reach out if you have any other concerns, we try our best to answer e-mails/questions in a timely manor, but sometimes it does take us some time as the farm can be quite demanding. :)