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Exciting changes at Hillview...

Howdy “Farm”-ily, our little farm has some big news for our 2023 season…

Michael and I have made the decision to take a step back from full-time production farming in order to focus our energy on other ways we can support the farming community. Farmer Michael has accepted a position at the CDFA in their Farm to School program! He is thrilled to be able to help small farms build the connections they need to be successful. Farmer Shanon is excited to re-invent the farm as a part-time/smaller scale operation. We will be going from 7 employees to just her (and a toddler) so have patience/flexibility as she figures out what this will look like. You can continue to support Shanon by purchasing Hillview treats through The Farmers Marketplace and Tahoe Food Hub and by following us on social media to see when she will be at the Auburn Farmers Market.❤️

Growing food full-time for our community for the past 12 years has been the most beautiful, humbling, experience of our lives. This land, this work has shaped who we are and we are forever grateful to call ourselves farmers and for the many lessons farming has taught us.

We can't emphasize enough how thankful we are for our community of supporter
s that have kept our small farm “growing and going” for so long.


All the best,
-Shanon and Michael

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Welcome to Hillview Farms!


Hillview Farms is an organic diversified vegetable farm located in Placer County California. We grow vegetables for three important reasons. Firstly, we want to bring together our small community through an appreciation of local food. Secondly, we believe in doing our part to leave the world a little better than we found it. Last but not least, we love cooking with organic veggies (try for yourself and you'll never go back)! For us farming just makes sense, and we are so happy to have found something that we love to do that we can share with all of you. We believe strongly in the simple idea that healthy soils = healthy families = healthy communities, and we work hard to ensure that our soils yield the very best quality produce for our community to enjoy. At Hillview Farms we are proud to be YOUR local neighborhood farm!


Peace, love and veggies,


The Hillview Farms Crew



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